Chasquis is a small but growing company offering a variety of services surrounding Holodeck B2B, our open source AS4 message service handler.
If the following appeals to you:
– a challenging job
– open source software based business
– an international distributed team
– lots of freedom and
– the possibility to grow with the company
… come work for us!

Current vacancies

At the moment, we have no open vacancies.
But if you’re a programmer who’s enthusiastic about Holodeck B2B, working for a small, all-remote company and think you’d be a great addition to our team, feel free to send us an email!  You can reach us at

Open source contributors

Are you a Java programmer looking for a challenge? Why not contribute to Holodeck B2B, the open source AS4 message service handler. Whether squashing a few bugs or writing a whole new add-on, all help is appreciated. Have a look at our project on Github and jump in or contact us to discuss how you can join the team of contributors.