Holodeck B2B support


Support desk

For all questions you may have when using Holodeck B2B in your own environment we provide second line support services.

For on premises solutions, we offer support & maintenance packages that include:

  • support desk, ready to help you with all your questions
  • bug fixing
  • notification of new releases – including advice on whether or not upgrading is necessary
  • you support continued development of the open source Holodeck B2B core

Support for hosted solutions (SaaS) includes:

  • configuration management
  • adding new business partners
  • changing settings for existing exchanges
  • renewing certificates
  • etc.

AS4 Gateway configuration and maintenance

Host your own on premises AS4 gateway using our open source MSH Holodeck B2B – we can work with your team setting up and configuring your server.
We also provide gateway maintenance, where we’ll keep your server running smoothly and up to date with the latest version of Holodeck B2B.


The architecture of Holodeck B2B offers a very flexible integration mechanism that enables you to optimally integrate it into your own infrastructure/environment. Standard Holodeck B2B uses file based integration. We provide connectors for additional integration methods, like using web services to notify your business application about ebMS Receipts and errors.

You might also need functionality that is not (yet) available in Holodeck B2B. Often we can fulfil such requirements using the Holodeck B2B extensibility mechanism to create custom extensions. This could be for example functionality like dynamic configuration of P-Modes based on the use of SMP meta-data.

How can we help you?

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