Systems design / architecture

Designing a messaging system architecture, writing messaging profiles or troubleshooting your system? With one of the world’s leading AS4 experts on our team, we can help.

AS4 expertise

Our senior consultant Sander Fieten has been a member of the OASIS ebMS technical committee since 2007 and became chairman in 2011.
As one of the authors of the AS4 specification, he knows the spec inside and out.


The ebMS V3 standard uses a modular approach to build the specification from already available building blocks in the web service stack like SOAP, WS-Security and WS-Reliability. However, it still leaves a lot of settings to be specified. AS4 simplifies the use of ebMS V3 using the “just enough” design principle. It specifies which values to use for certain settings and reduces the number of options available for others.
This means that when you want to use AS4 as your messaging protocol you only need to decide on a limited number of options; for example how you will identify the trading partners and which security functions and algorithms to use. These options are defined in a messaging profile.
With ample experience in creating these profiles, we can create a fully AS4 specification conformant profile for you.

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