Peppol gateway

Focus on your business, not on transport!

The Chasquis Peppol Gateway is a Peppol Access Point implementation based on the open source Holodeck B2B gateway. It extends the Holodeck B2B Core product with additional software for dynamic configuration and REM evidence functionality. This lets you automatically connect to all participants in the Peppol network, both for pre- and post-award, without requiring any action by the back-end application. It includes all necessary functionality like AS4 retries, receipt acknowledgement and error handling. The gateway package is full service and includes installing and configuring your gateway together with your team.


Optionally, you can use your Chasquis Peppol AS4 gateway for AS2 messaging too. Because our Peppol gateway has the option to support both the AS2 and AS4 messaging protocol you only need to run one gateway. The dynamic configuration software will automatically know whether your message needs to be sent using AS2 or if the recipient can already receive AS4. Your Chasquis gateway will automatically choose the appropriate protocol to use.

Ready for pre-award

In the pre-award domain the Access point needs to provide a REM Evidence to the tendering system to acknowledge the receipt of a Tender message. Our gateway already includes this functionality and can provide a REM evidence to the back-end system whenever needed.

Back end integration

Like the Holodeck B2B Core our Peppol gateway has a very modular design that allows for Connectors to implement the integration with the back-end system. Included with the gateway are file based and REST Connectors that exchange Peppol standard business documents (SBDH) with the back-end system. We can also implement custom Connectors specifically for your environment to ensure optimal integration with your back-end system(s).

CEF compliant - no testing needed

In the e-SENS project Chasquis was one of the participants that helped to shape the conformance test bed which is now used by CEF. Therefore Holodeck B2B was one of the very first gateways to become CEF eDelivery compliant. This means that if you have received a CEF grant and use our Peppol gateway in your Access Point, you don't need to perform  conformance testing.

Gateway options and pricing

Depending on your requirements, we offer various gateways. All gateways are full-service packages for an on-premises gateway. Prices include all software as well as installation, configuration and testing. For one fixed price you will have your Peppol gateway up and running.
If you require additional assistance surrounding setting up your access point or Peppol, please ask about our consultancy services.


Dynamically configured using the Peppol SMP

Up to 1000 messages/hour or 6000 messages/day

Internal persistency

Back end integration of your choice - file based or REST

Includes installation, configuration and testing

Ideal for SMEs, PoCs and other situations where limited numbers of messages will be sent and received.

On premises

High availability

Dynamically configured using the Peppol SMP

Up to 1.000.000 messages/hour peak load

Connects to your own database

Back end integration of your choice - file based or REST

Upgrade to higher capacity with no downtime

Full failover features

Includes installation, configuration and testing

Best for large companies, government organisations or Access Point providers with a large customer base.

On premises

Enterprise gateway

For large companies with specific requirements, both technically and surrounding procurement of services. If you require more than our High availability gateway provides, we can create a custom gateway including all High availability gateway features and more, for example 0Auth back-end authentication. Adding custom functionality is possible. A senior solution architect will work with your team to design the optimal gateway to fit your needs. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Hosted gateway

If you need an AS4 gateway quickly, Chasquis’ hosted Holodeck B2B based gateways are a fast and cost-effective solution that can be deployed within a matter of days.


Support & Maintenance contracts are available for all gateways. Besides making sure you receive updates to your gateway software, our team is available to answer any and all questions you may have surrounding your gateway, fix bugs and make sure your gateway continues to run smoothly.

Evaluation version

A free evaluation version of our on premises Peppol gateway is available to test and verify that our gateway can provide the required capabilities and features. After installing the evaluation gateway you can connect to any partner in the acceptance environment of the Peppol network using your own Peppol test certificate. Contact us through the form below to get a copy of the Chasquis Peppol evaluation gateway.

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