Hosted AS4 gateways

A simple AS4 solution

If you need an AS4 access point quickly, Chasquis’ SaaS AS4 gateways are a fast and cost-effective solution that can be deployed within a matter of days.
Our AS4 / eDelivery gateways take care of all the messaging complexity like

  • security (including signing and encryption)
  • reliable messaging
  • trading partner management

All you have to do is provide the message payload to be transferred – a quick and easy way of setting up your AS4 messaging.

Profile specific gateways

Chasquis can provide gateways for many AS4 profiles, including:
– Peppol gateways including dynamic configuration. Also available as multiprotocol AS2 & AS4 gateway.
– ENTSO-G and ENTSO-E gateways for the gas- and electricity trade, as well as AS2 and AS4 gateways for other profiles in the energy sector.
– eDelivery access points for EU reporting, for example UDB, EUDAMED, EPREL, ICS2, TAXUD, TPD/EU-CEG, BRIS and any other CEF eDelivery based messaging.

Our SaaS EU eDelivery gateways come with a unique certificate management aid, helping you get your certificate from the EU faster and entering it without errors.


Prices for SaaS gateways depend on the messaging capacity required and in some cases, the number of connections.
For Peppol gateways, if you will be operating your own SMP, we can offer a combination package of an AS4 gateway and Holodeck SMP server.
EU reporting eDelivery gateways for projects like EUDAMED, EU CEG (Tobacco Products Directive / TPD), EPREL etc. start at €249 per month for recurring yearly contracts.
Gateways for the energy market start at €295 per month.

AS4 Gateway – how does it work?

In a nut shell: Your system provides the payload to be sent using our REST API. The gateway packages and encrypts the payload and sends it to the designated receiving party. The gateway will inform your application of the messaging result.

For integrating the gateway with your system to transfer message payloads and notifications we offer an easy to use REST API.

We have gateways that are tailored towards various AS4 profiles currently in use, including CEF eDelivery (for EUCEG / TPD, EPREL, EUDAMED, ICS2, EESSI etc) and PEPPOL.
Our gateways for reporting to the EC (like EPREL, EUDAMED and many others) in addition to full AS4 messaging functionality also offer a web based user interface allowing you to manage your customers, no matter whether you are communicating with the EC using your own service provider certificate or whether you need to request a certificate per customer. The certificate request procedure is also streamlined through our UI, making requesting / renewing and addng your certificate a lot less trouble.

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