AS4 gateways

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, we have a Holodeck B2B-based AS4 gateway that can take care of your B2B messaging.
All gateways are easy to integrate with your existing system through various interfaces including SFTP and REST.

Profile specific gateways

Our ebMS3/AS4 gateway is suitable for many profiles like ATO Superstream and networks that follow the EU’s CEF eDelivery profile like ENTSOG.
Peppol gateway including dynamic configuration. A dynamically configured multiprotocol (AS2 and AS4) gateway is also available.
EESSI endpoint, with Business Message Signing (BMS) for cross border information exchange in the social security domain. Suitable for use in National Applications or National Gateways.
– SBR/SBR2 gateways for Single Touch Payroll (STP) and other reporting to the ATO, including SAML token fetching.
– ENTSO-G and ENTSO-E gateways for the gas- and electricity trade, as well as AS4 gateways for other profiles in the energy sector.
– EU CEG gateways for mandatory Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) reporting to the EU, including extra payload encryption.
Gateways for EUDAMED, EPREL, PNR, ICS2, TAXUD, UDB, BRIS and other CEF eDelivery based EU reporting are also available.

All gateways are available in various messaging capacities, from a small Starter gateway to high capacity Enterprise gateways or even more in a custom gateway created to your specifications. Contact us for more information and prices.

AS2 and ebMS2 gateways

Besides AS4 gateway we can also offer gateways for it’s predecessors, AS2 messaging as well as for ebMS2 (known as digikoppeling in the Netherlands).
Uniquely, we can also provide a dual-protocol gateway, combining both AS2 and AS4 or ebMS2 and AS4/ebMS3 in one gateway. Running a multi-protocol gateway has the advantage that switching between protocols can be done in a matter of seconds by simply updating the P-Mode. Not all connections need to be updated at once either, as the gateway handles both protocols. This makes transitioning from one messaging protocol to another an easier and smoother process.

Hosted gateways

For most profiles we can offer a SaaS solution. Whether you only send small numbers of messages and are looking for an economical solution, or want to free up your IT team by moving your enterprise AS4 gateway to a cloud AS4 gateway – we can be of service. Find out more!