About us

AS4 specialists

Chasquis specialises in AS4 messaging. Our lead engineer and co-owner, Sander Fieten, is chairman of the OASIS ebMS standardisation committee and editor of the AS4 specification. We are the creators of Holodeck B2B, the open source AS4 messaging solution.

We’re based in the Netherlands, but serving customers all over the world.

About our name

Chasqui /cha:s-kee/ -n (-s) messenger.

In the ancient Inca empire in Peru, chasquis were messengers who delivered coded messages throughout the land. Information was recorded in a quipu, a system of knotted strings that represented different things based on the kind, color, number of strings, etc. A chasqui’s ‘payload’ could also consist of a verbal message or small items, or a combination of these.
The messenger would run along purpose built roads until he reached a relay station where he could hand his message to a rested chasqui who would continue the delivery.
You could say that this system of  was one of the first secure multi-hop messaging solutions!